6 Ways Doulas Can Encourage Dads

Dads sometimes have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that their baby’s are not born doing high fives and fist bumps. Lets face it, newborns are no fun, (to most). It’s ok dads! We got you covered. Encourage dads to do skin to skin. Of course skin to skin is important for […]

Wednesday’s Wisdom

Here we go….. I have just added a bit of pressure to myself by calling this blog “Wednesday’s Wisdom”. Meaning, there should be some type of wisdom shared every Wednesday until the end of time. Or until I have run out of things to say, which if you know me, will never happen. Sometimes I […]

Giving Birth to What Matters

Often times we hear all that matters is “healthy mom, healthy baby” . Yes, this matters. It is the heart of the matter. But just as the heart needs many different “parts” to work in order to function properly, labor and birth need many different things to work in order to get a “healthy mom, […]

Loving On Babies, Raising Men

Welcome to my first blog post! I think it will be short and sweet, but you never can tell with me.. Plus, I am at work and that means I am writing this with a newborn on my lap. Lovely company. When I became a mom I was 20 years old. We got married in […]